First Female Leadership training in Niger

14-07-2021 09:51:05
Agriterra Niger organized the first Female Leadership training.

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From 6 to 8 July 2021, Agriterra Niger organized the first Female Leadership training. This training gathered 19 participants including 10 women and 8 men from 4 client cooperatives of Agriterra Niger and 1 participant from another cooperative enterprise. The training was facilitated by business advisors Saâ (lead trainer ), Minata (co-facilitator) and coached by Jean Rémy. This was a great moment of giving and receiving feedback for our future development as Female Leadership trainers.
The participants appreciated the Female Leadership Training, and understood the importance of gender in agriculture and committed themselves to start fighting gender inequality which brings a big gap between men and women thus, poverty occurs. More insights were given, and gender mainstreaming was suggested as future solution. Everyone's effort is needed to change the society or man made gender stereotypes. In addition to this, farmers were explained the relevance of gender and social diversity to agricultural development.
More expectations were related to the training e.g. they got 3 categories:
1) Participants who wanted to learn and understand leadership and gender
2) Capacity building and sharing experience on gender and leadership
3) The last one was a bit outside the topic as it was focusing on financial management.
The participants were participative and eager to learn about the Female Leadership Training. The training was addressing their expectations.
They appreciated the characteristics of female leader "on leadership style" very much.
It was realized that there are no big differences between gender issues in Burkina Faso and Niger. Last but not least the training has reached its objectives.
4 cooperatives from 3 value chains (onion, corn and rice) were represented. Each of these cooperatives has developed its SMART action plan.
The participants suggested to increase female numbers, promoting the diversity, sensitizing and involving females in agricultural activities which generate money such as marketing and processing activities within their respective cooperatives. In addition to that, they planned to mobilize more women by making some reductions on share value and doing some promotions.
The training has been interesting and the participants have mentioned that it would be nice to have a follow up and refresher course.
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