Trainers & Approach

To ensure high-quality preparation, delivery, and follow-up of trainings, Agriterra works with a trainer certification scheme. Business advisors can become certified as trainers in the domains Management and Organisation, Governance, Financial management, Lobby & Advocacy, and Business Development. The certification process enables Agriterra worldwide to roll out trainings in compliance with the quality standards. Prospective trainers are trained by our certified Master Trainers, who have extensive knowledge and experience with the training subject. 

Peers exchanging experience

Peer-to-peer relationships are characteristic of Agriterra’s approach. This is reflected in our training programmes as well: no theoretical schooling by academics, but peers sharing their experiences. Our Agripool concept is a unique feature in this approach. The Agripool expert is an experienced specialist who ensures the training programmes remain hands-on and generate change.

Selection of participants

Agriterra’s business advisors play a key role in the preparation (selection of participants, assessment of the needs and pre-analysis of the cooperative or the organisation) both during the training and in follow-up actions, assuring a high quality and relevant learning process. The selection of attendees for any training course is essential for its success. An Agriterra business advisor is actively involved in making sure that the right cooperatives participate. To obtain the best results from these sessions, the cooperatives that are invited to the training courses are asked to keep in mind certain criteria when proposing the course to their members. For more information read the specifications of each training module.

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