15-12-2020 09:48:32
Getrude Rizick Gwivaha is a 24-year-old girl living in Njombe Region in Tanzania. After completing her form 4 education, she was offered a job as a treasurer and secretary at the Matembwe AMCOS located in Njombe . Matembwe AMCOS is one of Agriterra ‘s clients in the EAT FRESH PROJECT.
09-11-2020 09:13:45
In Uganda, last week we finished the youth kick off workshop for 4 clients: Sebei SACCO, Alito Joint cooperative, Nyekorac and P’KWI cooperatives.
14-09-2020 08:46:32
Creating awareness among farmers about the role of women shows an increase in women participation and women leadership in primary cooperatives in Ethiopia.
24-04-2020 09:14:35
Focusing on productivity increase through good extension services.
10-04-2020 14:33:12
The active Youth Council of KAN Jabung cooperative sets up a waste-factory.