11-05-2023 12:00:36
From 25 through 28 April, Agriterra Ghana conducted a four-day FACT preparatory training workshop for four organisations
13-01-2023 09:31:17
In November 2022, Agriterra Ethiopia has organised a Female Leadership training for three dairy primary cooperatives in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia.
18-11-2022 08:11:42
In the week of 7 November, Agriterra Kenya facilitated a Female Leadership training under the SDGP project.
04-11-2022 09:24:50
In September 2022, Agriterra Burkina Faso organised a training for Cooperative Agricoles du Kénédougou (COOPAKE)
23-09-2022 08:52:38
In July, a Value Creator assignment took place in Ghana.
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