Getrude obtains skills from Agriterra's bookkeeping training

15-12-2020 09:48:32
Getrude Rizick Gwivaha is a 24-year-old girl living in Njombe Region in Tanzania. After completing her form 4 education, she was offered a job as a treasurer and secretary at the Matembwe AMCOS located in Njombe . Matembwe AMCOS is one of Agriterra ‘s clients in the EAT FRESH PROJECT.

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Previously, Getrude never received any accounting training, so she did not understand anything about accounting, a situation that led to a lack of focus on her work. She missed stamping the payment receipts; she forgot to attach proof of payment; payees were not signing and she was mixing up books while filling information. Every time Co-operative Audit and Supervision Corporation (COASCO) conducted an audit, Matembwe AMCOS received dirty documents.

At the beginning of August 2020, Agriterra conducted a bookkeeping training for some of its clients and one was Matembwe AMCOS. Getrude was among those trained. Getrude says the training gave her the skills to do her job well. Nowadays she makes sure she receives a payment request letter from whoever wants to be paid. She uses this letter as an attachment for payment proof. She also makes sure the payee signs and she stamps the receipt before handing it to him/her. She also fills in the information in the relevant books unlike before when she was mixing up information in the books.

Most importantly, the training gave Getrude the skills to fill out the balance sheet. She is currently filling in monthly balance sheets correctly, and sends them to Agriterra business advisor Donatus Mwenda between the 1st and 5th of each month, thereby showing she acts on what she learned during the training.

Getrude says: "Now I really enjoy doing my treasurer job."

by Happyness Kimambo – Intern Agriterra Tanzania 2020

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