Internal Capitalization successes in Ethiopia

23-06-2021 11:45:23
‘’ who says farmers are poor and not willing to invest in their coop?’’

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In April and May 2021, Agriterra Ethiopia delivered two Internal Capitalization trainings for Damot and Admas union with the objective of establishing a maize processing factory and the construction of warehouse respectively. During the training, farmer leaders were enthusiastic and promised to mobilize more resources for the investment.
As promised, in short time they mobilized around 32,000 Euro, a single individual member bought an amount of Euro 535 in shares, and another farmer donated a bull with an estimated worth of 320 Euro.
Farmers can and will invest and donate for their organizations when their trust is high. Mobilization and capitalization will continue till they achieve their target and improve the sense of ownership of member farmers.
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