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29-03-2021 08:46:47
Two successful My.Coop training sessions have been carried out by the Nigerien Team

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The Nigerien team carried out two My.Coop training sessions between March 16 and 25, 2021. The first training session took place in Niamey (the capital) and the second in Maradi, the economic capital of Niger located in the center-south-east, at around 600 km from Niamey.
These sessions, which brought together around thirty participants, including 4 women, were moments of giving and receiving.
The My.Coop training was highly appreciated by the participants who emphasized that they have always received training, but the Agriterra training is one of a kind. Indeed, during the three days that each session lasted, there was a lot of interaction between the participants. This made it possible to see, in terms of the themes dealt with, the various challenges facing cooperatives and relevant proposals were identified to face these challenges. Among others, we can note the following questions:
- cooperative principles of which this training brought a lot of clarification which allowed participants to understand the challenges of the application of these principles by cooperatives. For example community involvement can promote the visibility of the cooperative which will strengthen development partnership through the municipality of residence given that the gateway to any action carried out by development projects and NGOs remains and remains the municipality;
- the duality of the cooperative (association and company) that this training allowed participants to understand the roles and responsibilities of elected officials and employees among others, the inclusion of young people and women with proposals to promote this inclusion (empowerment of women and young people, establishment of quotas during the election of members of decision-making bodies, creation of specific activities) relating to governance;
- identification of functions (supply of inputs, transport, marketing and processing of agricultural products) where the cooperative can not only better provide sustainable services to its members but also meet the challenges of inclusion
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