Youth kick off workshop in Uganda

09-11-2020 09:13:45
In Uganda, last week we finished the youth kick off workshop for 4 clients: Sebei SACCO, Alito Joint cooperative, Nyekorac and P’KWI cooperatives.

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The involvement of an online and local Agripoolers was splendid, as it gave participants an opportunity to share on both the international and local stories.
The presence of Board members in the youth workshop was useful: both got to know expectations of the other party. It was also very good that participants appreciate that the youth hold the future of cooperatives and are willing to participate in activities that keep them interested in the cooperative activities.

The participation of both ladies and gents was important for social inclusion in the growth of the cooperatives. Findings show that all the cooperatives had youth groups and P’KWI actually had a youth council too. The participants agreed to re-organise their groups and be able to also form their youth councils.
The findings show that the models of the youth councils, however, also differ depending on the value chains and the levels of businesses they are involved in. Therefore, the business advisors in charge of the cooperatives shall further follow up to develop models with the cooperatives to form youth councils.

The action plans were developed and shall be shared with the cooperative managers for planning at the cooperatives and a follow up will be planned with the business advisor who is responsible at each of the cooperatives.


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